A Tax Strategy You May Not Know

Talking taxes on a Friday is a lot easier than talking taxes on a Monday (thank you for reading in Winter Haven, FL)! And believe it or not, at this time of year it is good to be talking taxes no matter what. Preparation and planning are the name of the game. *

Investing in your retirement

Here’s some “good” news when it comes to taxes and tax strategies: the Roth IRARoth IRA conversion and Roth 401k are alive and well. The “good” part is that for nearly ALL of you reading this, you ARE eligible for both the Roth IRA conversion and the Roth 401k (if your company offers a Roth 401k) even if you are in the higher/highest income brackets or own a business! And these strategies can be employed NOW for 2019. Continue reading “A Tax Strategy You May Not Know”

What? Me Worry?

These are not times for the faint of heart. Almost every day we have been battered with news of geopolitical challenges, tariffs, Federal government partial shut-downs, Brexits, Federal Reserve policy changes, polar vortexes… all amidst new all-time highs for stocks accompanied by the worst December for the S&P since 1931.


Continue reading “What? Me Worry?”