A Little More on Caring For Mom (or Dad)

A short one today, and “Semper Fi” to a very special group of friends.

Last week’s edition of TGIF 2 Minutes titled, “Alexa, Remind Mom to…” led to a number of real-life responses and more resources regarding finding care for a parent or loved one. So here goes:

  • Good morning. FYI, I had a terrible experience with “A Place for Mom.” It was an aggressive marketing machine and I felt like I was buying a time share.

  • My brother found a specialty realtor in NJ who was caring and helpful. It was like having a real estate agent who really cared about finding you the right home for your Mom or Dad. I don’t know if they are still in business, but I found a YouTube video of Carol, the founder of “Ask Carol.” https://seniorlivingguidance.com/meet-carol/
  • Hi Kerrie, Greetings, and happy Friday! My brother found a caregiver for my dad thru www.care.com. It appears to be working out very well.
  • www.Caring.com got good reviews and is a helpful resource I am consulting today, years before both my mom and my mother-in-law may need care.
  • Home Instead is working for our family.
  • Finding a private caregiver is the dream solution. Agencies can make it very difficult to keep a part-time caregiver or aide.

Pease keep the comments coming! These ideas can provide great relief to the task of getting started or finding the right care person and/or place for our parents and loved ones.

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