Top 10 of 2017 – Part 2

Continued from last week to wrap up “Top 10 of 2017.”  Thanks for your great responses that helped to illuminate several of the following…


7. Bitcoin

I left off Bitcoin from last week’s #1-6 only to see how many readers would say, What about BITCOIN??!!”  And several did.  Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain confuse the #### out of me, but certainly made their impact felt worldwide in 2017. China has “banned” Bitcoin (more to come) and Japan has embraced it. In the US, Bitcoin Futures now trade on the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) where contracts trade for such real items as wheat, corn, soybeans and pork bellies. The “price” of a Bitcoin ranged from around $780 in late 2016 to over $17,000 in December 2017.  I would wait for the Swiss (as in the Swiss National Bank) to embrace it – if ever – before I started believing.

8. Twitter

Like Bitcoin, Twitter, a form of social media, added to the controversy and progress seen in 2017. In a November development Twitter doubled its “iconic” 140-character limit to a 280-character limit.  With Twitter founded in 2006, only two (2) sitting US Presidents have used Twitter widely and it could be argued that in the case of former President Obama it was the [social media] preacher preaching to the [media] choir. But in President Trump’s case it certainly is an outsider preaching to the church choir. Mainstream media has fought back with a vengeance; but Twitter has undeniably and literally changed the world and the clarity and truth with which news can be consumed.

9. Residential Real Estate Prices & Economy

In the average segment of the home market, the price and pace of new and existing home sales in the US reached the highest pace in a decade. Notably, the rental market for homes picked up meaningfully enough to temper price gains in certain hot markets. Although in the highest end of the residential real estate market there are significant regional differences regarding the strength (San Francisco, San Jose, scattered East Coast markets) or not (Chicago) of home prices.  All in all, mostly a stellar year in 2017 for home prices and the economy.

10. The Total Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017 the US was in the viewing path of a super-cool event: the moon covering the sun.  If you were in a group or alone, near or close to the “direct viewing path” it was truly breath-taking.

10.5.  Always making the Top 10:

My clients’ and friends’ loyalty and trust. The year and my livelihood would not ever be complete without my clients and friends.  And for those of you who referred me to a friend or family member of yours (you know who you are) I am doubly grateful.  Thank you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!!  Thank you for reading and TGIF!


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