No Rest for the Weary

Welcome to 2018.  In checking out I found:

“No rest for the weary definition. You must keep persevering no matter how tired or overworked you are.”

morning jog

This could be the mantra of my readers, no matter if you are in your first job, running a company, or retired. If you want to be successful and informed, it takes hard work to wake up – and keep up – in America today.

First comes getting out of bed.  Does your (old) iPhone have enough power for the alarm to go off?

How about the Sonos speakers you set up to play your Spotify tunes to wake you up as you shower and get ready for the day?

Or do you get up and go straight to the gym at 5am or 6am to beat the rush? (That perseverance will wake you up!)

Are you listening to the news choosing 6am to alert you of the latest threat to our national security?  Or the latest quotes on the European markets and interest rates?  Or the latest Tweet from the US President?

Or did they just say that Georgia lost the national championship in OVERTIME? Wait…Georgia almost beat Alabama?  (that must have taken perseverance to watch…)

Next, coffee. Was your Keurig set to have your coffee ready in your To-Go Cup?  Or does ALEXA handle that?  Or is it off to Starbucks for an enjoyable shot of caffeine?  (Is school delayed for the kids in the zero-degree weather?)

Financially speaking.

Here are the items that are probably on our minds as workers, investors and PEOPLE from the first minute of every recent day:

Did my taxes just go UP? or DOWN?

What does this new Tax Policy mean to the value of my home (especially in the high tax states of NJ, NY, CA and beyond)?

If my Township allowed the early payment of first-half 2018 property taxes, what did that just do to my cash reserves?

What about my new healthcare premiums?

Even for those who truly enjoy their work – Now how hard am I going to need to work to realize my dreams? What will it take to impact the people/clients/employees I truly aim to reach?

Will I now finally read up on Bitcoin, Block Chain and Cryptocurrencies?  CEOs and central banks point to these things being real, although still evolving.

What is the Asset Allocation in my investment portfolio? (OK – that one I made up because all of my clients have already heard from me on this one.)

There is no rest for the weary in this fast-moving world that is still FULL of opportunity.  However, “rest” can be a relative term.  The perseverance that we display in these driving times can give us rest down the road… whether “down the road” is sooner or later. I am in it with you.  Happy New Year 2018!


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