Mindset Scorecard

If it is “TGIF” that is a good thing. Let’s have a little fun here.

What is your current mindset, financially?

If that is a difficult question to answer right way – or even if not – check out a useful tool: “The Retirement Mindset Scorecard.” Even if retirement is not your primary concern today, the Scorecard is still relevant and helpful!

There are 8 categories to Financial Mindset, as we see it:Retirement Mindset Scorecard


First, why is this process useful? The business school answer is, “If you can measure it, you can manage it.” The real-world answer is, “if you can measure it, you can manage it.” This means that if you know in which categories you are “weaker” or less knowledgeable, then on those you can search for more information or advice. This process can be FUN (and funny)! The Founder and Principal of Main Street Financial Solutions, Brett Danko, has been known to say that “sharing a bottle of wine or your favorite beverage can make this part of the ‘mindset process’ even more insightful!”

Let’s look at a few of the choices under the category, “Knowledge.”  There are no right or wrong answers. Only your real-world situation.


In each of these choices, there is a factor that is now measured. This can then be managed to formulate your plan for proceeding. This process is not immediate! It can take several years to get “on track.” You are not alone!

Excerpts from the “Health and Wellness” category may make you chuckle.

HealthKnowing your Financial Mindset – at various points in life – is an excellent place to start in order to know what you have managed and where you might need more advice or input.

P.S. For all those in the path of Hurricane Florence, including yours truly, prayers going out to please be safe with your family and loved ones.


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