10 Things NOT Talked About at Thanksgiving

We all know the “Basic 3” topics NOT recommended for talk around the Thanksgiving table: Sex, Politics and Religion. Two others on the list are Money and various Family Matters.  The gloves can tend to come off, feelings hurt and more.


But there are times when several of these topics must be addressed – keeping in mind that “there is a time and place for everything”.  So, in that vein, here is a list of at least 10 topics that were most likely NOT discussed at Thanksgiving but that may be important and remain on lots of peoples’ minds:

Politics/Sex (these two topics may or may not have always been as linked as they are currently)

1: The sheer number of elected members of government country-wide who have engaged in inappropriate sexual advances in the name of power and influence. [no end in sight to this topic]

2: The sheer number of corporations and business managers who still tolerate or turn a blind eye to the knowledge of sexual exploits in connection with job promotions, performance reviews and sales “achievements”.

3: Related to tax policy, we know there cannot be all winners, but what are the true positive and negative consequences for the various age- and wealth-groups in the various polices being considered? [yet to be determined; hint- talking with a CPA or informed financial adviser is more un-biased than listening to the news media]

4: How dire really is the situation in North Korea? [yet to be determined but in the hands of the US military and world leaders]


5: (If you are a Notre Dame fan) You may wonder– did they really design Touchdown Jesus to be signifying a Touchdown?  Or is there deeper meaning there? [Notre Dame football was a touchy subject this Thanksgiving]


6: Related to tax policy and if you own your own business, a big question is whether you should pay yourself more in 2017 or hold off until 2018?  Much remains here: future allowances for State & Local tax deductions, tax brackets, tax rates and methods of taxation for business owners.

7: Related to how much money stays in your pocket versus paid in taxes, questions remain regarding allowed deductions for IRA and 401k contributions.

8: Is Bitcoin real?  What is a Bitcoin?  [this question probably did not lead to fights at the Thanksgiving table but maybe after a few glasses of wine the answers got vaguer]

Family Matters

9: Referencing a past edition of TGIF 2 minutes, “Caring for An Aging Parent, one of the most frequent topics among my clients and friends.  This one may be an “11” on an emotional scale of 1 to 10.  We love our family but all of us will get old.  It gets expensive and involved no matter who you are. Consider and talk through a few key things. [click to read more]

10: Who and What is in charge after Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa are gone?  Yes, I saved the “zinger” for last.  This topic is a critical one and best discussed far away from the Thanksgiving table, but DEFINITELY discussed patiently and with an informed adviser who asks you the right questions and truly has your best interests in mind.

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