What’s Your Financial Life Emoji?

What Emoji are you feeling these days when it comes to your financial life? Recall that an “emoji” is that little character that expresses an emotion using the keys on your computer or phone keyboard. Happiness, joy, confusion or sadness… there’s an emoji for it all. But just because the markets have been mostly joy … :o) … does not mean that your financial life is all joy and satisfaction. :/ (That is the “uncertainty/confused” emoji.)

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Regarding our financial lives:

:o) Equates with regular communication with your financial adviser. A frequent back-and-forth (when needed) for answers to your questions. Clearly defined goals that align with your portfolio. An advisory relationship that feels “worth the time and cost”. Find an adviser who communicates clearly, simply and patiently.

:/ Equates with confusion that often comes with trying to go it alone in the management of your portfolio. Or confusion resulting from an adviser who makes financial advice far more complicated (and expensive) than it needs to be.

😀 Equates with the happiness – even laughter – that results from advice that has meaning to YOUR LIFE. See my post “A Force for Good” for the “checklist” of things that you should be getting from your adviser.

One piece of advice: going from :/ to 😀 does not happen overnight! But it is possible with a bit of time and dedication by you AND a qualified adviser.

Given the slightly shortened 4th of July work week, might I offer an emoji of my own:

:))D Equates with super-happiness and gratitude for the meaningful relationships and loyalty shown by my clients, friends and family over the Independence Day holiday and all year long.

Note: We have clients nationwide; if you know someone we may be able to advise with their financial planning or wealth management we would be happy to discuss it.


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