Tuning Out the Noise

Time for a short video – literally 2 minutes!

Even if you listen only to the first 60 seconds you will get the message. Therein is about 10 seconds of a crazed voice you may have heard on TV of a host shouting stock picks –but then you will be rewarded in the final 30 seconds when you may want to play the video over and over for a bit of “peace.” Turn up the volume, follow the bouncing dot and read along.

Less than two minutes. (Click below.)



Most of my clients and readers know that I believe in the philosophy of a fund management company called Dimensional Fund Advisers.* Among other resources, Dimensional provides insight on the topic of volatility in the markets. What better topic to look back upon and realize (perhaps celebrate?) that your portfolio – and you – can weather a storm of volatility because you and your adviser have a PLAN and an asset allocation that accounts for up AND down markets. Do you have that? I invite you to find out.

Enjoy the short video!

Neither I nor my firm receive any compensation or incentive to invest in Dimensional (DFA) Funds.

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