Tax Time… The Home Stretch

With it nearing the “home stretch” of tax time – probably most people’s least favorite time of the year – I figured I would pass along a couple of things that have helped take the edge off and keep me smiling. The caveat: everyone’s sense of humor differs, so what makes me laugh may or may not make you laugh.

Free Solo, Greenwich Entertainment, 2018

The Movies. A cool way to “get away from it all” can be either to go to the movies or rent a movie at home – or binge-watch TV which has become more and more popular. Under the topic of movies, a well-done documentary can be especially funny or entertaining.

  • “FREE SOLO” – Recently this film deservedly won the Oscar for Best Documentary. The story of rock-climbing the world’s tallest and most dangerous rock walls – without ropes. Totally fascinating, breathtaking… and painful all at the same time.

  • “SCREWBALL” – Full-disclosure, I have not watched it yet. The tale of A-Rod of NY Yankees fame and baseball’s PED (performance-enhancing drug) scandal – as told by child actors. Several major publications have reviewed this new documentary, and it looks hilarious and also incredibly disturbing. It opens TODAY, March 29th.

The News. The news can make matters worse sometimes which is why I try to be super-selective about the amount of time – and time of day – I immerse myself in taking in the news. However, one piece of big news that has been nearly impossible to avoid is the college admissions cheating scandal. If you are able to stand reading about it, the utter stupidity and alleged “falls from grace” of certain individuals and institutions is mind-boggling. A moment of laughter (at the stupidity) …followed by moments of awe (toward the arrogance). The whole thing is almost out-of-this-world.

So then, tax time can become slightly more bearable – when tackled with fresh perspective that there are still things, people and topics that will make us marvel at their outrageousness or laugh our heads off. I highly suggest trying this approach. And know that the “end” is near because April 15th is just about two weeks away – unless you filed for an extension!


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