An Early Thanksgiving 2022 Thought

In a year that has been difficult in the markets and anything but predictable, there are still lots of bright spots and things for which to be thankful. In that vein it may make sense – before the Thanksgiving holiday – to dedicate extra time to giving ourselves credit for:

  • goals in process
  • progress made
  • the people who made progress possible (family, friends, colleagues)
  • successes despite inevitable failures
  • the ability to have overcome tragedy or failures
  • being able to make new future goals as a result of past failures and successes.

Being in a more grateful state of mind could make it easier to line up the resources and people for minimizing future failure or maintaining current success. In other words: to just chill and be with the person or people who make life easier and happy for you today.

Each year I thank my clients, friends and family for the trust and confidence they place in me to advise them or accompany them along their journey. This year the journey may have been a bit longer or had a few more up hills! My thankfulness is greater than ever.

Happy Early Thanksgiving, thank you for reading and TGIF!

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