Thankful vs. Grateful

Bottom Line: Being Thankful and Grateful are both positive things.

Simply saying “Thank you” out loud is hard without somehow smiling either inwardly or outwardly. Try it! But say, “I am grateful for X” whether it is for a person, place or thing,and it likely brings an even deeper feeling.Perhaps that is why in the science of happiness (yes, there is a whole branch of science around happiness) the concept of gratitude is central.

thank you text on black and brown board
Simply saying “Thank you” out loud is hard without somehow smiling either inwardly or outwardly. Try it!

In quickly researching the concept I found descriptions of thankfulness to include being simply “conscious of benefits received” versus gratefulness involving a deeper “[appreciation]for benefits received.”** Both feelings – consciousness and appreciation – can be powerful in a huge wayAnd to relate these feelings to your financial life, knowing what you are truly, truly grateful for can help you in long-term planning. Think: house, geography, job specifications, children (or not), travel, major purchases.

Thanksgiving is a one-day holiday dedicated to both thankfulness and gratefulness. Often Thanksgiving extends over the weekend with enlightened companies giving their people an extra day off on the Friday.

The family aspects of Thanksgiving can be both funny and frustrating.* But usually something – and if not family, then perhaps sports or conversation – is worth a feeling of gratefulnessUse that positive energy to propel you.

I am grateful to my clients who place their trust in me to give them advice regarding their financial lives and their biggest personal and business decisions. I am grateful to YOU,my loyal readers of TGIF 2 Minutes. And I am grateful to my family for their love and unending patience.

Safe travels. And, it must be said: GO IRISH! 11-0! #BeatSC

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