Money, Therapy & 20 Years Later

From the Archives of 2016 with excerpts and updates to “The Coronavirus Life Experience” version of this edition (February 2021) plus a closing message.

Money and Therapy. Two things that people may love or hate. However, among other things, both money and therapy can help. 

From the must-read book for people of all ages The Number* was written by Lee Eisenberg, long time editor-in-chief of Esquire magazine.

Here are several of the chapter titles:

  • Welcome To “Numberland”
  • Debt Warp
  • Alone At Sea
  • Covering Your Assets (nice play on words)
  • Night Sweats
  • Deep Breathing
  • Bottom Lines

The book explores the concept of “the number” that it will take for each person to live the life and eventually the retirement of their dreams. This number may or may not be attainable or realistic. And the number may not turn out to be an actual dollar amount.

The process involves “backing into” the number or realistically determining an acceptable lifestyle. If anything during the pandemic, people have had ample time – and perhaps much therapy – to learn more about HOW they want to live their lives and HOW AND WHERE they want to work and learn.

Several of the biggest conclusions from The Number that relate to today –

  • Nothing in life worth having comes easily (or comes for free). 
  • The process of living one’s life is not always do-it-yourself or living by “rules of thumb” or auto-pilot. 
  • Every next stage of life requires some version of a PLAN, whether it be written in a notebook, on a whiteboard or simply on a napkin. 

At some point take the time to consult with a proven expert and jump into the conversation about HOW MUCH you spend today and – more critical – ON WHAT you spend it. How do you most ENJOY spending money?? On Kids? Grandkids? Family? Yourself? Your business? Charity? 

What is a timeline for spending the money? What are your plans for your LIFE? Who do you love the most? What do you most love doing?

The number may take a person’s whole life to determine, although the sooner the better.

And on a weekend when all of us will undoubtedly be reminded of the tragedy of 9/11, please, if you have not already, take time to reflect on the lives lost that day and the resilient American spirit that gave our people and our economy the strength to press on. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

*Used with express permission from the author. Eisenberg, Lee, The Number, New York, NY; Free Press, 2006. Print.

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