Thankful, Grateful & Hopeful

From the Archives of TGIF 2 Minutes… with an addition on hopefulness.

Bottom line: Being Thankful, Grateful and Hopeful are all positive things.

Simply saying “Thank you” out loud is hard to do without smiling either inwardly or outwardly. Try it! Then say, I am grateful for X” and it likely brings an even deeper feeling. Perhaps that is why gratitude is central to the science of happiness –yes, there is a whole branch of science around happiness. The newer science around hope is equally, if not more, powerful!

Thanksgiving is dedicated to thankfulness, gratefulness, and, yes, hope.

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Portfolios & Mental Health – Part 2

Re-running this edition due to popular demand… Younger and less experienced investors (new college grads, younger workers buying a first home or saving in a 401k for the first time) can especially benefit by learning these steps, but really anyone can be better off:

If anything has been important since mid-February 2020 it has been being mentally strong and resilient – or having friends and family who are mentally strong to lean on. Believe it or not, this has nearly always been the case with investing.

green typewriter on brown wooden table
Pay attention to the present moment while knowing it is necessary that you and your adviser also consider the long-term.

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